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Virtual Assistant Services

  • BVA is a team of Bali-based versatile assistants,
    hand-picked to ensure the highest working standard.

    We have virtual assistants available to cover most aspects of your business,
    from Accounting and Purchasing support, to Sales and Marketing support and all of your E Commerce support.

    We also have our own graphic design and web development teams in house,
    so it’s like having all of these functions in your own business, but without the costs and headaches!

  • We make it possible for you to have the additional staff that you know you need,
    for a fraction of the cost of local employee’s.

    This is where we come in.

    For example, we can provide you a full time data entry person for less than $1,700 per month.
    All you need to do is scan the documents and send them to your BVA based team member,
    they do the data entry directly into your system, all you need is internet access and a document scanner!

    We take care of the rest.

  • Don’t have great IT skills? That’s fine.

    We can come to you and assist in setting things up!

    Typically this is as simple as configuring the remote access protocols and security privileges and assigning your virtual assistant one of your businesses email addresses so they are part of your business communications system, further increasing your information security.

    Worried about security? Rest easy.

    Your Bali based virtual assistant accesses your system only while you allow it, you can set their access privileges and even the times they have access if you wish, it is your system after all.

    Our Bali office uses a secure network and each new client has a password secured private folder that is only known to your virtual assistant and their direct supervisor, no one else. All of our staff work in our office only, we do not outsource the work like other services, this is how we maintain the strictest security. Better still, this means that your virtual assistant has support, if they are away from work your dedicated team leader will ensure your work is still done, and they are always on hand to assist with any new tasks you give your virtual assistant, two minds are always better than one!

  • Accounts support is just the start.
    Think purchasing support, accounts payable, accounts receivable, OS sourcing and sales data entry just to name a few.

    Employing local staff is expensive, and it’s a difficult decision in business knowing when to hire or when to hold off.
    Annual leave, super annuation, workcover, payroll tax, sick days etc, are all very real costs that you have to consider.

    We make that decision easy.

    Just a flat payment to us each month and we take care of the rest,
    and even better, it is an expense, no balance sheet liability and no staff worries!

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Why Us

Our assistants in Bali are a team of professionals who actually work in an office, not just a home-based freelancer.
The team is under the management of local Australian owners to maintain the highest standards possible.

Our premises are equipped with proper office facilities such as workstations, computers,
telephone systems, filing systems, conference room, secure network and IT system.

Each of our Clients have an appointed Team Leader for ongoing customer support.
They will ensure that every single task is executed as per standard required, and in a timely manner
and assist our clients to develop the processes required to transfer any new tasks to the BVA team smoothly and effectively.

We provide full IT support from inception to progression.
We can come to you and help set up the required communication and computing systems.
All you need is an internet connection.


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Each of our staff has an extensive work experience in various fields,
from corporate offices to hospitality companies, both locally and overseas.

We selected our staff based on their positive attitude, versatile skill set, and vast working experiences.
They all have experienced working with native English speakers and/or expatriates from different backgrounds,
with some well-travelled to broaden their horizons.

Combine these together, and there you have it –

Your (BV) A-Team!

  • Indra Saputra, B.A.
    Indra Saputra, B.A.

    Indra is a passionate Graphic Designer with skilful expertise in customer experience and interactive visual design. His past experience includes lecturing graphic design classes in one of the most prestigious multimedia institutes in Bali. He joined us so he can find some real world channels to bring his creative ideas into some exciting design works.

    Indra Saputra, B.A.

    Graphic Designer

  • Dwijayanti (aka DJ), LLB
    Dwijayanti (aka DJ), LLB

    DJ is our super-book-keeper. Prior to joining us in 2012, she has worked with two other companies assisting with Accounts and general office administration. Over the years she has become trained in all data-entry tasks with great attention to details.

    Dwijayanti (aka DJ), LLB


How it Works

We have local (Australian based) sales professionals all well versed in business management and operational functions
and we come to you to personally discuss how we can assist you.

Your Requirements
This helps us determine
which Virtual Assistant
suits the job best
Appointed Team Leader
(your Bali based Account Manager)
Appointed Team Leader
liaises/coordinates to get the
job done
Virtual Assistant

Clientele and Testimonials

  • Turnkey - Jason Chivers (Director)

    "WOW! I cannot believe how well this has worked, BVA have saved me heaps of money and headaches, nothing is too hard for them and I can get on with business. Do yourself a favour and give them a try, you won't be disappointed!"

    Turnkey - Jason Chivers (Director)

  • Extol - Grant Harrison (Managing Director)

    "I was skeptical at the start, concerned over security of my information, I was wrong!! I spent so much time trying to manage my accounts staff and build a team I could rely on with little result, BVA solved that almost overnight and at half the cost I was paying before. Very satisfied customer indeed."

    Extol - Grant Harrison (Managing Director)

  • Rapidline - Stewart Little (Operations Manager)

    "Great result, our entire accounting and purchasing teams are now BVA staff, nothing is ever too hard for them, super quick responses and we have reduced our operating costs down by over 40%! Now I am freed up to deliver best practice customer service and not spending valuable time managing those teams. If I have a problem I just communicate with my BVA Team Leader and it's sorted!"

    Rapidline - Stewart Little (Operations Manager)

  • Business Warehouse - Stephen O'Brien (Managing Director)

    "Accounts (including chasing payments), Purchasing (including OS sourcing), Marketing (including SEO), Graphic Design, Website (both development and maintenance) - They do it all for me and I couldn't be happier, a truly amazing service, incredible savings and one I wish I could keep to myself!!"

    Business Warehouse - Stephen O'Brien (Managing Director)

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